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The Journal Effect
THE JOURNAL EFFECT is a Women’s Fiction domestic suspense that exposes the existential human quest for truth and the family secrets it spawns through the quirky voice of a unique protagonist. Family secrets suck. Especially when the secrets are about you. Distrustful and awkward, 28-year-old Chelsea eats too many M&Ms and avoids mirrors. She wishes she could remember what had happened to her when she was ten, but her spotty memories of abuse don’t hold together. Anxiety and panic attacks plague Chelsea, and her pollyannish mother, Liz, completely denies that Chelsea was abused by her father.

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Peter B.
Unveiling Courage!
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Simmerman’s bravery addresses a topic that few are willing to uncover, making her work a beacon for those navigating through the challenges of abuse.
Ruth E.
Page Turner!
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Love the way she exposes each of the characters in such a real and human way. You see the many facets of their personalities and experience their emotions as you turn the pages.
Julika A.
Wonderful Novel!
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You get to know the characters, which after all is the reason one has for reading novels. The heartbeat of this family is the rhythm of a long flawed one that kept the reader intrigued.
David S.
Captivating and Extremely Well-Written.
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It’s not often you come across a “can’t put down” novel. Highly recommend- there is something in here for every reader!
Amazon Customer
Add The Journal Effect to Your Reading List.
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Wonderful character development - all had their strengths and their flaws. Full of twists and turns, I had trouble putting this page-turner down.
Ellen R.
Read until the end--Awesome!
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I loved getting to know the three generations of women. The unexpected twist and good writing make it the kind of novel I will recommend to my book club.


Kelly Simmerman
Being a bookworm, Kelly started writing book reviews for local papers while running her independent bookstore in Santa Fe, NM. From there, she published articles and stories on varied subjects in over 100 national magazines, from Better Homes and Gardens to Real Simple to New Mexico Magazine. Articles focus on health, fitness, gardening, equestrian sports, wellness, mindfulness, and mental health.
She writes on Medium and has her BLOG about one of her favorite places, Paso Robles, CA.
In her entrepreneurial life, one of the businesses she founded included an online video child abuse training for those working with children. She researched and wrote the website copy and the video script and utilized much of that material to add to the main character’s complexity and the story in THE JOURNAL EFFECT.
Kelly belongs to the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Association, and the Author’s Guild, and actively attends retreats and festivals.
Kelly lives with her partner and their two dogs in both Denver, CO and Paso Robles, CA. When she’s not writing and drinking gobs of coffee, you can find her hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or out riding horses.
A Note from Kelly: As a writer, I develop word thoughts to express and tell stories. I can get closer to what it means to be human through writing. Creativity, empathy, and emotion help me to forge those essential, juicy, and sometimes messy human connections.
Ranchero Cellars located in the Paso Underground in the heart of California’s Central Coast, Paso Robles…
Being a writer, I have kept many journals throughout the years.
I know, I know you don’t have time to handwrite notes, especially if you’re…
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